Payroll / Periodical administrative formalities

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Carefree wage administration for your SME

Together, we choose the right service range, to meet your needs.

Our payroll service:

  • DIMONADIMONAdeclaration
  • Monthly payslipscalculations
  • Holiday pay and end-of-year bonus
  • Drafting loonbrieven and delivery of >accounting documents
  • Income tax declaration at reception points
  • Completion of social benefits documents
  • Quarterly DMFA>(Multi-functional) declaration, possibly Social Security Fund
  • Drafting educational leave claims
  • Drafting yearly individual account and tax forms
  • Completion of diverse statistics for the government, NIS,...
  • Diverse compensation requests.

You will be appointed a personal contact who knows the ins and outs of your company and manages the wage processing and additional administrative tasks.

Your client manager will provide quick, accurate and practical answers to all your social-legal questions.

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