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Sooner or later, every SME will be visited by a social inspector. This doesn't have to be an unpleasant experience, on the contrary. We'll prepare this inspection with you. 

…or preventative audit

Or would you like to know where you stand? You may consider a mini audit: we organise an audit and 'act' as a social inspector.

Thanks to our experience and insights in your social-legal state, we will arm you for every kind of social inspection. This way, you know where you stand, what the inspection will investigate and how best to prepare for this.


For whom?


  • Enterprises anticipating a planned social audit.
  • Enterprises wanting to avoid surprises in case of an unannounced visit.
  • Enterprises that aren't familiar with the different kinds of inspections and that want to know how best to prepare.

VMapping possible improvements


We will go through your personnel administration and highlight any stumbling blocks. We will also provide you with suggestions to further optimise your personnel policy in the future.

During a meeting, we will prepare the actual inspection with you. If appropriate, we will be present during the audit. That way, you won't be on your own during the negotiations. You're certain the auditor's questions will be answered the right way.

If necessary, we'll take care of any corrections if needed after the audit. We will provide you with suggestions to further optimise your personnel policy

LWB can provide you with an extensive social audit.
Or, if you prefer, a mini audit.
Ask about the conditions for an LWB Quick Scan!


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