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It's become nearly impossible for employers to keep up to date on all administrative and legal requirements. That's why we'll act as your HR partner.

Our employees are always up to date about the latest changes in labour law and social matters.  They will provide assistance with the right social-legal advice.

They make sure you remain aware of your rights and obligations as an employer, and that you use this information to make informed decisions and come up with solutions.

A selection of our social-legal advice services.

  • legal obligations to government services
  • legal obligations to employee
  • social obligations and facilities for self-employed persons
  • social insurance, social benefits and compensation information
  • Drawing up employment contracts, labour legislation, secondment documents, new labour law developments
  • Working out dismissals or dispute solutions about the application of complex social legislation.
  • As a representative of your company, LWB negotiates with official institutions such as social security authorities (RSZ), National Employment Office, Social Law Inspection.
  • We'll check which grants exist, request what is necessary and manage the follow-up.
  • LWB maintains<482> relations</482> with funds you need to join as an employer.

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